Digital Direct Dental is your resource for high-quality restorations. Our team fabricates the latest innovations, such as highly esthetic, full-contour zirconia.


In our dental laboratory, the DDD team utilizes state-of-the-art digital dentistry equipment and processes. Our dedication to the latest technology ensures high precision for every restoration we craft.

Full-Contour Zirconia

The full-contour zirconia restorations from Digital Direct Dental ensure a long-lasting and esthetically translucent option for a variety of indications. Every full-contour zirconia crown or bridge you receive from our dental laboratory provides ideal contacts, occlusion, and pre-cementation protocols. Due to their high-strength, FCZ solutions are an ideal option for bruxers, especially considering the smooth occlusal surfaces that eliminate abrasion against opposing dentition.


The DDD team uses the latest CAD/CAM equipment to ensure that every crown, bridge, or full roundhouse fits perfectly in your patient's mouth.



Digital Direct Dental is proud to offer custom abutments that are compatible with a wide selection of implant manufacturers. We craft our abutments out of high-quality zirconia or titanium using the latest in CAD/CAM fabrication. We expertly create every abutment in order to to provide ideal emergence profile and shape. Our implant team of technicians ensure natural fit and long-lasting esthetic for every case.


DDD has experienced expert dental implant technicians on staff who bring both value and satisfaction to patients through careful planning and consultation.


Customized Titanium Abutment







• Indicated for Anterior & Posterior

• Flexural Strength up to 1,100 MPa

• High Translucency and Strength


• Titanium abutment

• Compatible with Most Major Manufacturers

• Ideal Profile & Esthetic